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Hi, my name is Gus

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2nd year Information Technology Student (Software Engineering). Currently studying at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
Teaching Assistant at School of Information Technology, KMITL.July 2023 - Present
  • Problem Solving and Computer Programming, assists in learners solving Leetcode problems
  • Information Technology Fundamental, held several lab classes teaching Git, Web Development, LinuxOS, and VM related technologies
  • Object Oriented Programming, evaluate learner's lab performance and aassist in students' learning
SiData+, Siriraj(Frontend Developer Internship).Mar - May 2021
  • Researched how websites can assist in the health domain and Hospital day-to-day operations
  • A registration for grade 12 students for Information Technology faculty at King Mongkut’s Institute Technology Ladkrabang. Currently used by 500+ students in Thailand.
  • Managed 6 years of technical debt and rewrote the entire frontend in React and Svelte.
Little Patient
  • A blood donation platform, that features queue reservation for hospitals. Comes with a back-office for hospital staff and people in emergency need.
  • Work in collaboration with Siriraj health science Education Excellence center (SHEE). Got through the final round of the 24th National Software Contest.
Internship Summary (click)
  • A website to summarizes and conclude my internship experiences and peers’ write-ups.
  • Helped in creative design and programmed website animations, 3D graphics rendering and website landing page.
Leaderships & Activities
IT Experience Club - Vice-President.July 2023 - Now (click)
Hosted events for students in the faculty and high school students who are interested in computer technology and programming.
Young Webmaster Camp 19 (Participant/Developer).
A hackathon camp hosted in association with Thai Webmaster and online Media association. Participated as a camper in the Web Programming track. Chosen only 20 from 371.
ToBeIT’67 Camp (Head of academic, Teaching Director).Oct - Nov 2023
Planned out classes and examination guidelines for 1000+ campers (both online and onsite). Taught SvelteKit, ExpressJS with Line Bot SDK, and JavaScript to 1000+ campers (both online and onsite).
Sairahut IT20 (Event Staff, Head of Technology).July - Aug 2023
Led the technology team, designed the game flow, and developed the Sairahut (สายรหัส) event in the faculty. The event is hosted on the website with the core game mechanic, score system, and leaderboard. The game is played concurrently with up to 300 people at once. Powered by SvelteKit, Tailwind CSS, tRPC, and hosted on Vercel.
ITCAMP 19 (Website Camp Teaching Director)May - Jun 2023
Taught a class of 25 high school students about React, Tailwind CSS, and Supabase.

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Framer MotionReactFirebasePythonJavaGraphQLSvelteKitFramer MotionReactFirebasePythonJavaGraphQLSvelteKit
three jsC++JavascriptCSSTailwindPostgreSQLthree jsC++JavascriptCSSTailwindPostgreSQL
HTML5Node jsTypescriptNext jsC#DockerHTML5Node jsTypescriptNext jsC#Docker
MongoDBVueUnity 2DFigmaExpresstRPCMongoDBVueUnity 2DFigmaExpresstRPC

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